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Education Source has been in business since June 2008 with the vision of operational excellence. Our main focus was to operate a small call center dedicated to providing high quality education leads for our clients. Our commitment and guarantee to provide high quality education leads with high enrollments and complete working transparency with our clients has set us apart from our competitors. Providing the best service with complete transparency with our clients has been the reason for our success and instant growth. We have earned the trust of our clients and they know that what we promised is exactly what we deliver and what they receive. Our team of Education Consultants connects with interested prospects that request information online regarding continuing their education. We strive to help these prospects find the college degree program that is right for them and that best fits their needs. We currently have four locations throughout South Florida that hold 110 seats. We employ about 200 people across our four locations and generate about 30,000 leads a month. We work with some of the most well recognized clients in the industry that know they can rely on us for high quality leads that convert to student enrollments. Education Source has the flexibility to scale up and down to meet the demands of our clients needs, our priority is as always operational excellence.

›Our Company Values

  • People - We believe our people are one of our greatest assets, with every employee playing a major role in our success. As a result, we promote a positive and encouraging environment, that is family oriented and is enjoyed and valued by our people. We recognize that every employee brings something unique to the business and our philosophy is to train, develop and empower our staff to achieve our company goals and objectives. In return when you have people that enjoy what they do, this produces a positive experience for our clients and their customers.
  • Culture - We strive to provide employees access to opportunities for growth and advancement, and to enhance and expand our ability to attract, retain, develop, and promote a diverse work place. We operate with a team oriented culture and family business mindset that can easily adapt to changing conditions if needed.
  • Quality - We have a dedicated quality team who work hard to ensure high quality assurance. We have a specialized quality monitoring system with 100% recording capability and real time reporting. The focus of our call monitoring is on quality and continuous improvement. We continually strive for high quality and consistency that leads to high conversions. Our clients can always rely on us to deliver consistent quality leads.
  • Technology - Technology is the driving force behind our continuous development and efficiency. We are a technology driven company constantly working on staying on top of the latest technology. Adopting the latest and best technology available provides our clients with the reassurance that we are always one step ahead of our competitors.
  • Our Management Team - Behind our successful Education Consultants is a great management team. Our continuous growth and success has been due to the passion our team has for our business and the business of our clients. Our main focus is to continually assess our strengths and opportunities by defining, forecasting, and analyzing performance, by communicating and implementing new methodologies for operational excellence. We want to build a company that stands out from the rest by being the best in service and quality.
  • Our Clients - We truly believe that our clients are not just our partners but a big part of our growing family. Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship with open work transparency by providing the best high quality leads possible that add value to our clients.
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